The only motivational things!!

The only motivational things: HOPE OF GAINING AND FEAR OF LOSING

We need some source of motivation almost every other day to kick start, sustain or/and complete a task or a goal.To put it nicely, Motivation is the most effective medium connecting means and the ends. It is always present in some hidden form from the beginning to the end of everything that exists.

People resort to various methods, techniques, mentors, books and thoughts to get motivated. Let me tell you the only two things that can motivate a person: HOPE OF GAINING AND FEAR OF LOSING. All the motivational methods, techniques and thoughts are based on these two things.

While hope of gaining can be taken as a positive measure, fear of losing is a negative measure. But the fact is both of them have equal share in motivating the people.

Being a part of Chartered Accountancy course, I have come across many friends who get demotivated on not getting the desired results, office work load and have dissatisfaction from what they are doing and then they search for motivation in the outside world. I believe that motivation can only come from the guy in the glass (soul). Instead of hunting for motivation from outside, we must try to motivate ourselves by using the two things HOPE OF GAINING AND FEAR OF LOSING.

Now you must be thinking that preaching is easy than implementing. Let’s see how we can get motivation from our own self. Whenever you feel demotivated or think that the things are not going as planned and you decide of quitting, just for a moment think that why you started that work and you will definitely get an answer. Think of the satisfaction that you will gain on successful completion of that work, think of the monetary gains you will get after completing the work (Yes, that is the major gain sometimes!),  think of the compliments and prestige you will get. Yeah, you are already getting motivated.

Sometimes, fear of losing something provides greater motivation than hope of gaining. Fear, by some people is called as one of the basic reasons for survival. We all have fear of one thing or another. And it’s quite possible that fear is the driving force for us. Well, philosophy apart, fear can be effectively used as motivational tool. Thinking of the things that one might lose, one will be motivated and ultimately forced to do the task successfully. For example, fear of losing invaluable six months of his/her life, might motivate a CA student to work harder.

Sometimes, it becomes harder to determine your hope or fear just by thinking or in case the number is more, it is advisable to pen down the things. Writing down the things gives a kind of concreteness to your thoughts. While writing down, you may come across additional thoughts which might help you further.

So, to conclude, I would like to say that everything that you can dream of, is possible. It just needs a little extra effort, a little extra dedication and a little extra MOTIVATION. Just develop a hope of gaining and/or fear of losing within you. Miracles do happen!!



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