Social Media.  On hearing these words, some names that might flash in your mind are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Whatsapp etc. Most of the people use it just for socializing and interacting with friends. We Indians spend 25% of our online time on social networking sites and much more time than that on thinking for the contents of our posts.

Although  Social Media has always been cursed for making people addicted to it, it  has a fairer side too. The reign of social media’s fairer side is ruled by the outreach it offers. Following numbers will give an insight to the massive reach of social media. Facebook has 1.28 BILLION active users and of them more than 100 million of them belong to our own INDIA. Twitter has more than billion users. LinkedIn has more than 300 million users. Virtually it means that you can communicate with more than 1 billion people as easy as just a click.


 “Social media, in theory, is the quickest, most efficient, and most cost-effective way to communicate your message to the world”

How is outreaching people important? It matters a lot. At every stage of life, outreaching people is highly important. Whether you are a student, a professional, a manufacturer or a marketing manager, outreaching people plays a vital role in your success story.

For a Business:

We know that in a business, How a consumer recognizes the business, decides it’s fate. If the consumer feels at home about the business, no recession could affect such business. But even for that, it’s necessary that old consumers should stick to business and new consumers keep pouring in and for this outreaching people is inevitable. Business can use Social Media as a great medium to communicate with people. Facebook pages relating to a particular brand and twitter handles of specific products aren’t new to us and we know how helpful they can be for a business. Recently most new product launches, initially show up on social media. Social Media is very effectively used by businesses to create the required hype regarding new products.

Today, every business which aspires to be successful, ought to have digital presence. Technology and digital media have blended in our lifestyle so well that even before making a small purchase, we tend to check that product online first and then go and buy it. For today’s generation, the business that doesn’t appear on a Google Search, doesn’t exist! By enabling people to connect where they buy and buy where they connect, shopping and socializing are converging in the online world.

Even for marketing a product, nothing as huge as social media is available as of now. This is the reason we have witnessed a convergence of marketing from print media to digital media in the past few years. Name any business, and you can find it’s presence on social media. In following ways, social media can be tapped by businesses for outreaching people:

  1. For new product launches:

For any new product, to be a success, people’s knowledge about the product is necessary. And nothing can be better than social networking for creating the awareness among people. Businesses can arrange various kinds of contests, giveaways, etc. on their social media profiles to popularize their products.

  1. For existing products:

Every business has some or more slow moving products. Business might use social networking to give a second life to such products by arranging product giveaway contests, creating product specific hashtags and asking people to use that in their replies and feedback.

However, to be truly productive in outreaching people through social media, following things should be taken care of:

  1. Posts on social media MUST contain relevant content only. If you want people to take your posts seriously, you need to stick to content relevant to your business/profession.
  2. Analysis of the posts like the number of visitors, number of visitors coming to your website, demography of visitors etc. should be considered seriously as it can help in improvising the posts.
  3. Posts should be regular. Be it a post a day, a week or a post a month, it must be regular. People must know when to come to you for your next post. Irregularity can cost much dearer.

For a Startup:

Hundreds of startups mushroom every day. How does one ensure its success in such a cut-throat competition? By making people take interest in one’s products and services. Start-ups are low on budgets and they can’t afford to engage some good named marketing agency to market their product/services and marketing is utmost crucial to fuel a business. Here, Social Networking comes to their rescue. In following ways social networking can help start-ups to kick start their business:

  1. To launch well:

“Start well and you are halfway through”

The above quote holds completely true for start-ups. Given its huge reach, social networking can easily give any start-up its required publicity. The more people know about the start-up, better it would be. Even personal social networking profiles can be used to promote the start-up initially. Nothing can be beat that in being in budget.

  1. To generate traffic to their website:

Most start-ups today own a website of their own. But the hurdle is, generating traffic. These websites don’t get needed traffic due to lack of awareness among public. Using services like Google Adwords, traffic can be generated easily. However, you need to shell out some bucks for this. Alternate way, which is free of any cost but time, would be to start a blog and start writing about product/ services and solving consumer’s queries. Guest posting on popular websites is also a considerable way to generate traffic on your website.

  1. Research target audience:

Knowing your target audience is vital while using social media for marketing.  Social Media has tools for this need too. Google Keyword tool helps you to know how many people are searching for a specific term just by keying in the required term. Even one can listen in on conversations on twitter, dive in and participate in them. The advertisements on Facebook news feed relevant to people’s recent searches for products/services is the best example of this.

For a Professional:

For professionals, Social Media is nothing less than a boon. In this ever changing world, remaining abreast with updates, amendments and developments in respective fields is utmost vital. Everyday something new pops up, be it the recent tax audit report changes, mandating online payment of service tax or the most recent change of compulsory monthly return filing of GUJARAT VAT, if one is not in knowledge of such updates, one is sure to lack behind. Professionals may even tend to compromise their client’s interest if they are not updated regarding recent developments in their fields.  In following ways, social networking can be used by professionals productively:

  1. For gaining and sharing knowledge:

Admit it, today, Social Media is the first place we get the first glimpses of any updates. Sites like, have proved great resources for professionals. itself has more than 13 lakh members. Members can ask their queries, doubts and submit their articles or files created by them.

  1. For Networking:

Besides Knowledge updation, networking is also important for professionals. And when talking about Professional Networking, not mentioning LinkedIn would constitute a sin. LinkedIn is a social networking site dedicated to professional networking and it’s success is no secret today.

Newly emerging job profiles, having an insight of what does a job profile wants you to do, difficulty in career choosing or whatever it is, asking people is the best way out. People actually working can provide you with much more robust and reliable information than websites.

  1. Blogging:

Blogging may be considered as a modern version of journals, blogs being much more personalized and content specific. You may have seen a lot of professional blogs that posts.  Blogs, not only gain you popularity but also help you gain clients. If your posts get considerable readers and people regularly come back to your blog, there’s no doubt that you might get some good assignments too.

For a student:

Academics, today, are not confined to schools. Outreaching to people is good for students’ overall development. Today, when the human race is getting smarter every minute, students can’t afford to stick to their curriculum and be unknown of rest of the world. In following ways, social media can help students to know things outside their academics:

  1. Interacting with other students:

“For good ideas and true innovation, you need human interaction”

Interacting with fellow humans is not only a social need but also a fuel to imagination. By interacting with different kind of students, they get to know things like how studies are pursued in other parts of the globe or the course contents of their subjects in other countries. Social Media aids students in interacting with other students in a way nothing else can do.

  1. Preparing better for their academics:

Besides helping in easily interacting with people, Social Media can also be used to prepare in a better way for academics. Be it school exams, college exams, assignments, competitive exams, scholarship eligibility exams or extra-curricular activities like debate and elocution competitions, Social Media can be used productively to take help of other people and be above the rest. Social Media can help in getting an edge above other students.




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