Luck, to believe or not to….

For whole of my life, I have been hearing that luck definitely plays a role in your life.  Had luck been a human being, I’m pretty sure it would be the most pissed off person in the world. The reason being, we fellow humans. Whenever we’re successful at any thing, we take pride in our efforts and believe that the success is the product of our tiresome efforts. However, for some strange reason, most of us blame luck for our failure. I have been witnessing this hypocrisy since childhood and it has always confused me. The more I tried to observe, the more confused I got. Till date, I have not been able to decide whether there is something called luck and if yes, is it solely responsible for people’s failure.

But as I grew up, I had to decide whether to accept luck as a part and parcel of life or not to believe it in. I chose the latter. The logic behind that is the inability to control luck, if it exists. On this note, I believe that this uncontrollable nature of luck is the reason of luck being blamed for failures. People try to convince fellow human beings(friends, family, colleagues etc) and themselves (obviously!) that their failure was caused by luck, which is uncontrollable. This I believe is a basic human instinct to alteast convince fellow human beings that they tried their best but couldn’t succeed due to luck. It gives a consolation to the person that he put in all the possible efforts, but luck failed him.

Coming back to not believing in luck, I still can’t decide whether something called luck exists. But I read somewhere that you are solely responsible for whatever happens to you. Keeping this is in mind, I decided not to believe in luck and take the whole responsibility for whatever happens to  me. I don’t say that luck doesn’t exist, but even if it does, as we don’t have any prediction or control over it, it’s very reasonable to ignore it’s presence and take full responsibility of our lives. Instead of blaming luck and consoling ourselves, we should try to find out the root cause of failure and fix it.

As I adopted this approach towards life pretty early, I can vouch that it changed my life for better. Being a curious observer, I have seen many people blaming luck and circumstances for their failure, which might be correct in their case. But that blaming surely had an effect on their efforts. The efforts one who believes in luck puts in and the efforts of a person who takes whole responsibility of his life, have a tremendous difference in terms of intensity, sincerity and zeal. People blaming or believing in luck might have a backdrop in mind that no matter how much efforts I put in, luck will play it’s role and might fail me. This backdrop results in decreased efforts.

While we couldn’t deny the effect of factors other than our efforts on outcomes, it’s our efforts only that we can control. So one’s focus should only be on improving own efforts. This brings us to law of karma. As they say, “What you sow, so shall you reap.” Being a stern believer and follower of this law, I try to practice positive thoughts about everything and everyone. I try to help people in any and every way I can. While I can’t connect the dots at this point and say that I have always received good in turn of doing good, I still follow this as nothing feels more logical than this approach.


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  1. Great thought “we should try to find out the root cause of failure and fix it”.
    I totally agree to what you have written and karma, of course!

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