Being a beginner at Corporates

(Title’s a cliché, I know!) 

Corporates, MNC’s! These words trigger an image of enormous glass buildings, glistening interiors, ocean of computers, sharply dressed people hastily running around, taking millions of dollars worth decisions in the meeting rooms, phew!

College graduates dream of working in some big corporates and MNC’s but little do they know what happens inside these organisations. Let me give you an insight to these!

As a beginner when one joins a corporate, most of the times he/she realises that the job description was purely exaggerated and the real work has little to do with it. You’re just a small fish in a large ocean.

 As soon as you accept to join, you might not know but there would be a long discussion among the senior members already happening as to whose work load you’d be sharing because people love showing that they are over burdened and there’s no work life balance for them.

Within a few days of joining, one learns a plethora of management terms used frequently in corporates such as  huddle, bringing value to the table, know-how, knowledge transfer, deliverables, key performance indicators, spoon feeding etc.which might be foreign to a beginner but expected to be known.

When you start learning the work, the person teaching you is more interested in making you agree that you’re satisfied with the training and can perform the work henceforth rather than really making you understand the work. Any detailed question asked or information requested might result in hearing “this is not a school, no one is gonna spoon feed you” . If you ask for help even during the initial phase the reply might come “we want you to handle this independently and figure it out yourself” which is just a sugar coated way of saying ” we ain’t got time of helping a newbie, is that all we’ve got to do here?” Exceptions are always there though.

The major problem for a beginner is adjusting to and understanding the norms of the real world. While college is a place where a person builds life long friendships, corporates are just a place to work and the earlier one understands this difference, the better. If you’re lucky, you might have empathetic managers but mostly, it’s not the case. A beginner needs to understand that everybody here is for their own motives and that’s the only thing one cares about.

As a beginner, if you care for work and work as if it’s your company, oh boy you’re so doomed. Your managers would be ready to dump work on you because they know that you’d do it with responsibility and they can relax, taking credit for the work done by you. The seniors are seasoned for this and even before you can realise, your work has been accredited in some other person’s name. Yeah it’s that shallow!

Talking about leaves, you’ll be lured by the number of annual leaves, sick leaves and public holidays the organisation offers to it’s employees but beware, it’s not how many leaves are allowed, it’s how many leaves are sanctioned by your manager that matters. Whenever you’ll apply for leave, most of the time your manager will remind you of the task he asked you to do ages ago which isn’t really required currently or of the next call scheduled during proposed leaves  for current project and how it can’t be taken without you. So yeah the next time you feel you aren’t adding any value to organisation and want to know your worth, try applying for a leave, you won’t be disappointed!

Early in corporate life, your manager plays a vital role of how your experience is going to be in near future. And as said earlier, everyone is here for their own and if you expect your manager to be empathetic to you, you’re being unreasonable! But in a rare case if you get a manager who actually cares for employees, you’ll glide through all things merrily given that you give your cent percent.

Your relation with your manager is also an important element for your performance review. Trust me, how you actually performed isn’t the sole deciding factor for your performance review. Your visibility, your image in the mind of your manager, your relationship with your manager’s boss also carry a considerable weightage.

So now, you’ve been warned. But not everything is gloomy and to list the perks of corporates, a separate note would be required. To name a few, you might see highest level of professionalism and plethora of opportunities to grow. The pay would be better than average and as you rise through ranks, it keeps on getting better along with various perquisites. You’d be getting exclusive deals with many of the service providers that are generally availed in regular urban lifestyle. There’d be monthly team outings, quarterly department parties and annual cultural bash along with regular team lunches.

If you want to join corporates, by all means do it with all your zeal. The rule of “All you have for all you want” , remains applicable here too! So brace yourselves and jump in. There’s always a silver lining!


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  1. Thank you for writing this. It’ll be helpful to me and many like me who are yet to take their first step in the big corporates. 😀

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