Protected: First Week at CS

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Being a beginner at Corporates

(Title's a cliché, I know!)  Corporates, MNC's! These words trigger an image of enormous glass buildings, glistening interiors, ocean of computers, sharply dressed people hastily running around, taking millions of dollars worth decisions in the meeting rooms, phew! College graduates dream of working in some big corporates and MNC's but little do they know what... Continue Reading →


Why is it that every single time season's first droplets always stir something inside us? Why is it that rains always remind us of some unfulfilled wishes? Why the thunder storms shake your inner self, terrifying you sometimes or filling you with hope at other times? Why the lightning striking outside also strikes your soul... Continue Reading →

Luck, to believe or not to….

For whole of my life, I have been hearing that luck definitely plays a role in your life.  Had luck been a human being, I'm pretty sure it would be the most pissed off person in the world. The reason being, we fellow humans. Whenever we're successful at any thing, we take pride in our... Continue Reading →

Social Approvals…

As you opened this article, unconsciously you may have thought that whether it’s appropriate or not to access such content at the place you are at right now, for example, at work. Though we claim to be independent, there are many barriers which regulate or to be specific, hinder our behavior, approach and even our... Continue Reading →

Pain : Try embracing it….

PAIN: Try embracing it! Pain, the feeling we all are afraid of. The feeling we always try to run away from. The feeling we try to subside. The feeling we try to hide from outer world. Yet, it is something we all have to go through continuously since our birth till death, though in different... Continue Reading →

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